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Social Media Exhaustion

Today, I opened up Twitter and I felt disgusted.

For years I've been reducing slowly my social media presence. I do not like the weaponization of attention. I do not like the unending impulse to cultivate and display my "best self" just to impress people whose opinions I don't actually care about. I do not like the fact that my own human psychology is being used to control my opinions and feelings for someone else's benefit.

Twitter was my last holdout. I was able to interact with interesting people and to find countless new ideas. I had a pretty good set of filters which allowed me to avoid too much detritus.

But now everything I see is negative. No filtering can save me from the constant flow of verbal violence.

Virtue signaling. Direct attacks. Racism. Sexism. Pick any side, hate will spew from the fingers of its members. The platform force feeds us negativity, plays our emotions, and keeps us enthralled in its poisonous grasp.

I am exhausted. The question is: for what? Why am I tolerating any of this?

When I look around at my life in the real world, none of this outrage is manifested. There is joy and light and pleasurable interactions with random strangers.

I can't stand the negativity anymore. It steals my life force away.

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