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A Quiet Morning Alone in the City

A Quiet Morning Alone in the City

Observations During a Quiet Sunrise,
Alamo Square, San Francisco, February 2018 

I see a man standing 
amongst the trees
all alone for just a moment
with nothing but a poet's musing to disturb him

His neighbors are still sleeping --
except the birds --
chattering excitedly about 
the stranger in their midst

I wonder what the man thinks about 
from his high perch
as he watches the city 
breathe into life
below him

Perhaps he contemplates 
the hills 
that backdrop 
the city skyline

The hills once beckoned to man,
"Come and conquer me if you can!
We were here long before you
and we shall still be here
long after you depart."

The hills mock no longer.

Man has leveled and straightened
sticking his boxes of ticky-tacky
congested highways
and towering landfills
wherever he pleases.

I hope that this man 
has conquered 
his need to conquer
on this quiet morning

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