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Pandora's Star

Pandora's Star

Author: Peter Hamilton
Rating: 7/10
Last Read: June 2016
Recommended Reading? If you're looking for a good sci-fi read and have lots of time on your hands.

Quick Summary:  Excellent universe building and a great sci-fi plot.  Very long book, could definitely have been shortened - but enjoyable nonetheless.

Note - While this book was good, I will not be reading the sequel.

My Highlights

I can sit here at night and look where we’re going. You look at the stars, Dudley, you know what marvels there are to be seen out here. And those cretins behind us, they never look. Where we are now, this was what our ancestors thought was heaven. Now I can look out from their heaven and see where our future lies. Do you not think that’s a thing of glory?” (Loc 478)
This was where the real rot set in, the despair and dead ends, where human lives were wasted, sacrificed to the god of economics. (Loc 568)
“He’s a creature of habit. They might be good habits, but any routine will betray you in the end.” (Loc 961)
“They can evolve,” Ozzie said quickly. “They can throw off all their primitive instincts. After all, we leave a lot of our shit behind us.” “You also generate a great deal of new ‘shit,’ ” the SI said. “All of which is depressingly similar to your old ‘shit.’ (Loc 1377)
These days he was a fully paid-up member of the establishment, and finally at ease with himself and his role. (Loc 317)
“Because now is where we are. This should be faced, whatever it is.” (Loc 3840)
“All paths are one, Ozzie, they lead to themselves. To start is to finish.” (Loc 4300)
An ideal kept alive in the darkness can flourish if it has the chance, no matter how long the night lasts. Don’t give up on your ideals, Adam, not ever.” (Loc 4435)
Our company was doing well, it was taking up more and more of his time. Men are like that, always obsessing about the wrong things in life. (Loc 4593)
“How you humans survive so much experience is something I shall never understand. To do so much and react to it all in the way you do is as much a curse as a blessing. You never take time to digest and appreciate what happens to you.” (Loc 5827)
Wake up and smell the coffee, Kaz, you’re not going to live forever. And it’s such a beautiful life in the meantime, especially when it’s got breasts that size in it.” (Loc 6675)
You have to know what’s awful in the world before you can appreciate what’s good.” (Loc 11016)
Wonder begats not only the joy but the sorrow. Both must be for the other to live for ultimately they are twined into the one. (Loc 12876)
“Cast aside your numbers and your coarse voice and learn how to sing, sweet Ozzie. Song is the destiny of all who live who love to live.” (Loc 12884)
“The path we walk and love goes round and round, and thus it can never end, Ozzie,” the Silfen woman said. She sounded profoundly sad, as if she was telling him about death. “It begins when you begin. It ends as you end.” (Loc 12895)
“I believe that intelligence and rationality will always be primary no matter what shape sentient creatures take. To not think that would be to doubt the value of life itself." (Loc 14405)
That was the trouble with freethinkers, they had overactive imaginations that made them uncertain. Maybe that’s why they’re always men, the Foundation just amplified their natural inability to make a commitment. (Loc 14591)
“It would appear to be a paradox only because as yet we don’t have all the information.” (Loc 14657)
“Ignore the time factor, it is an unknown you cannot outguess. (Loc 14670)